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Celebrating World Quds Day in Kuwait

The World Quds Day commemoration ceremony was held at the invitation of our country's embassy in Kuwait in one of the big halls of this country with special splendor.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the celebration of the World Quds Day was held at the invitation of our country’s embassy in Kuwait. It was held in one of the big halls of this country with special splendor.

In this ceremony, a large number of political, cultural and social figures, Muslim and Christian clerics and clerics, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kuwait, members of Iran Friendship Association and Kuwait, the ambassadors of Islamic and foreign countries, representatives of the Kuwaiti parliament and city council, a number of Palestinian personalities and elites of the Iranian community living in this country were present. And the instructions of the Supreme Leader to revive this day, he said: With the continuation of the genocide and war crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza and the imposition of famine and starvation on defenseless women and children, it is feared that the most unprecedented human disaster of the modern era will occur.

Mohammed Totunchi added: During 76 years of occupying the first qibla and the third holy shrine of Muslims, the Zionist racist regime has been killing and forcibly evicting this nation from its ancestral land and destroying the traces of Palestinian life and identity. And the Judaization of Jerusalem has not hesitated, and every day we witness the bloodshed of dozens of innocent citizens, until the number of martyrs has exceeded 32 thousand people in the last 5 months, and still the international community and organizations claiming to defend Human rights are still limited to watching. Tutonchi added: The attack on our country’s consulate in Damascus and the clear violation of international laws and the martyrdom of a group of military commanders are part of these heinous crimes. /p>

Dr. Mohammad Al Tabtabaei, the former head of the Supreme Consultative Council for the Implementation of Islamic Laws and the imam of the mosques of Kuwait, also said in his speech: “Without a doubt, the issue of Palestine is the first issue of the Islamic world and the center of Islamic unity, and the World Quds Day is a day for all Muslims to come together for help. It is to reach the oppressed nation of Palestine. Dr. Khadijah Al-Mohamid, researcher and vice president of the Iran-Kuwait Friendship Association, during her speech, asked Muslims to pay attention to the statements and wise warnings of Imam Rahal and the supreme leader of the revolution about the importance of protecting the rights of the Palestinian nation.

The ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Kuwait was the last speaker of this parliament, who, while condemning the crimes of the occupying apartheid regime, explained the details of his country’s complaint and lawsuit against racist Israel at the Hague Court, dealing with genocide and human tragedies in Palestine paid.

The last part of the ceremony was inviting the guests to the iftar feast.

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