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Europe’s neglect of refugees in solving the refugee crisis

A Western publication wrote in an article that the European Union, ignoring the global problems, has not fought with the causes of refugees in the issue of refugees and is only trying to keep this affected group away from the Union.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the German newspaper Tagus Zeitung wrote in an article: These days, the fight against the causes of migration and asylum has no role for the European Union, and the goal for this Union is to keep people who seek protection away at any cost.

According to the data of the United Nations. More than half of Sudan’s population, 17.7 million people, have little food to eat. About one tenth, more than 4 million people, are acutely malnourished. Almost 9 million people are refugees inside and outside the country. There are also many shortages beyond the borders in Chad. There are humanitarian aid organizations in these areas, but they have no money. While the world rightly stares at the horrors of Gaza, the horrors of Sudan are being forgotten almost a year after the war between the country’s most powerful generals began. Everyone who can escapes and everyone who can’t dies.

This is the invisible reality of Africa, which is most visible in the awful camps of “illegal” refugees in North Africa and the crowded boats that They overturn in the Mediterranean Sea, it appears. Not only in Sudan, but in many countries from Mali to Congo, entire societies are collapsing under the pressure of deliberate or gradual destruction of their living conditions. Meanwhile, Europe with a mixture of strictness and Corey faces this reality. These strictures are aimed at stopping “illegal” immigration, making it more difficult to access asylum procedures and facilitating the deportation of those seeking protection. For this purpose, the EU concludes agreements with autocratic transit countries such as Tunisia, Egypt or Mauritania, where fundamental rights do not apply. This blindness that Europe has caused itself is accompanied by ignoring the reasons that make people risk their lives for the prospect of a better life. ” was the main slogan of the refugee policy, including Germany, for years with the explanation that better living conditions in the countries of origin will reduce immigration. The causes of asylum are not in Europe. Europe simply does not want any more refugees, at least not non-European refugees. They no longer give money to other countries to reduce the causes of asylum, but to prevent asylum. In this situation, refugees only have to on the other side of the Mediterranean, and the main thing is that they stay there. If necessary, the union will spend huge sums of money to do so, while at the same time leading to global purchases of skilled workers and energy resources. goes green.

Thus Europe wants to benefit from the wealth of the rest of the world while remaining ignorant of the misery in the rest of the world. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world wants nothing in it? Do you know about Europe? In this way, when Europe conducts its policies without the rest of the world, the rest of the world also conducts its policies without Europe. Soon, the old continent will be left alone in this situation and will no longer understand the world.

The European Union and the member states of this organization have recently increased their strict policies against refugees and ordered stricter approaches.

In this regard, this union has resorted to concluding anti-immigration agreements with countries of origin and spends a lot of money in this field.

On the other hand, European countries like Italy and Malta often take action against private sea rescuers. Aid organizations talk about violations of the law and ask for help from the European Union. But there is no agreement on this in Brussels.

Last year, Italy issued strict laws against private sea rescuers. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani justified this tougher approach at a ministerial meeting in Brussels by saying that these are problems that need to be solved. Oliver Kulikowski, spokesman for the aid organization Sea Watch, says that since then, civilian aid ships have been seized by Italian authorities in more than 20 cases. Europe is also increasing sharply. According to the UN report, more than 260 migrants have drowned or gone missing since the beginning of this year, most of them in the central Mediterranean route. div class=”markup-container readmore-container”>More than 6 thousand refugees will die on the sea route to Spain in 2023

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