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Tel Aviv suspended the leave of the army for fear of an Iranian attack

The Zionist media announced that this regime canceled the leave of the army forces and increased the security measures to a very high level, fearing Iran's revenge.

On Thursday, the Zionist army announced the suspension of the leave of soldiers and officers of combat units due to the fear of Iran’s response.

According to al-Mayadin report, the Zionist media reported that the army of this regime is increasing alertness in the north and around Eilat and calling for air defense system reserves.

The Zionist media also reported that the security and military institutions today started activating the GPS jamming system throughout the occupied territories, including Gush Dan and the central region. These media announced that the activation of the GPS jamming was due to the warning Security has been tight waiting for any reaction from Iran.

They also announced that the security action of the Zionist regime is part of the preparation for Iran’s response and the launch of cruise missiles, drones or guided missiles.

From the beginning of this week, jammers were activated in the north (on the border with Lebanon) and on Thursday morning in Eilat, Arava and Gush Dan.

Brigadier General Ramzan Sharif, the spokesman of the IRGC yesterday, emphasized that the Zionist regime is trying to avenge its losses in the Al-Aqsa storm operation by assassinating the leaders, and emphasized that this regime will receive more deadly attacks.

“Channel 13” of the Zionist regime confirmed that the occupying army has announced the recruitment of reserve forces in the air defense organization due to the fear of Iran’s reaction to the terror in Syria.

Network 12 of Israel, on the other hand, quoted the spokesman of the occupying army and wrote: After assessing the situation, the air defense organization will be strengthened, including the recruitment of reserve forces.

This comes after a former Mossad official confirmed that Iran had the ability and motivation to respond to the attack that targeted its consulate in Damascus.

Last Monday, the occupying regime carried out an air attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, which led to the destruction of the entire consulate building and martyred and wounded people inside.

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