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Holding a poetry night with the aim of supporting Palestine in Nangarhar

In line with the support of the people of Gaza, a poetry night was held in "Nangarhar" province with the title "People of Gaza, we have not forgotten you".
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According to the regional office Tasnim News’s poetry reading program titled “People of Gaza, we have not forgotten you” was launched in Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province, in order to support the people of Gaza.

The Department of Information and Culture of Nangarhar has been set up, a number of poets, culturalists and writers have participated. Sympathy and sorrow sharing with the oppressed people of Palestine, we have named a poetry night for them, and poets from the eastern provinces and other provinces have gathered here to express their sympathy with the Palestinian people through the language of poetry.

Some poets in this program, in addition to expressing sympathy for the people of Gaza, condemned the attacks of the Zionist regime on the Palestinian people.

“Ziauddin Hemat Mal” the Afghan poet said in this regard: Karbala will be allegorized there and they will be the shooters. be; Children, white beards and women are killed there, blood flows from the heart of every poet.

“Abd al-Hadi Farhang”, another Afghan poet, also stated: A poet should be a poet of all humanity, and we have gathered here because of the alignment with the name of humanity and sharing the grief with the martyrs of Gaza.

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This mushairah program was launched in Nangarhar province to support the people of Gaza. Because of this, the people of Afghanistan had held protest gatherings in different provinces of this country against the crimes of the Zionist regime.

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