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India: Inclusive governance is the priority of the Shanghai Organization in Afghanistan

The National Security Adviser of India stated that the formation of an inclusive government and the protection of the rights of women and minorities are the immediate priorities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Afghanistan.
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According to the regional office report of Tasnim News Agency

, “Ajit Doval”, the national security adviser of India, expressed concern about the security situation in Afghanistan at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. As a close neighbor of Afghanistan, Indian Kurds have “legitimate security and economic interests” in this country. SCO’s priorities in Afghanistan include providing humanitarian aid, ensuring the formation of a “truly inclusive and representative government”, combating terrorism and drug trafficking, and protecting the rights of women, children and minorities.

According to the report of “Hindustan Times”, referring to New Delhi’s humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, Doval said that India has invested 3 billion dollars in Afghanistan and provided 50,000 tons of wheat, 250 tons of medical aid and 40,000 liters of water. has donated the pesticide malathion to combat the threat of locusts to Afghanistan’s agriculture.

It should be said that in July of last year, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in a meeting of Taliban wanted to create a comprehensive government in Afghanistan and respect human rights and women’s rights while fighting terrorism.

Russia: Currently, it is not possible for Afghanistan to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
India: In Afghanistan, inclusive government and A representative of all classes of people should be formed
Taliban response to requests to form an inclusive government: it is an internal matter

Government However, the Taliban has always responded to these requests by emphasizing that security is in place in this country, it does not allow threats from Afghan soil against any country, the cabinet of the ruling body consists of representatives of all ethnic groups, and the rights of all Afghans, including women, are secured in this country. .

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