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Kabul: Pakistan and “TTP” should solve the problems through negotiation

The deputy of the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban government stated that the conflicts of "TTP" with the Pakistani military caused the international community to make excuses regarding Afghanistan, and asked both sides to resolve the problems through negotiations.
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According to the regional office report of Tasnim News Agency

Mohammad Nabi Omari, the deputy of the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban government, said in a group iftar program in Khost province that the differences between the TTP and the government of Pakistan have caused the international community to make excuses for interacting with the Afghan ruling body. >

He requested the two sides to solve the problems through negotiations, adding: “We advise the government of Pakistan and the brothers who are fighting with them to talk.” . We have seen wars and revolutions, these wars and revolutions leave widows and orphans, destroy the homeland and ruin the economy”.

that terrorists have no place in Afghanistan, he said: “The world makes an excuse that terrorists are present here [Afghanistan] and al-Qaeda exists. I swear, based on our information that we are in contact with all the provinces, there is not a single al-Qaeda member in Afghanistan.” ».

Deputy Haqqani, stressing that the solution to the insecurity in this country is dialogue, addressed the government of Pakistan and stressed that if the one million army of this country two Even if he becomes a million, he cannot win the war.

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This is while following the increase in insecurity in Pakistan, “Khwaja Asif”, the Minister of Defense of this country, while accusing the Afghan ruling body of TTP, says that if Kabul If the centers of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are closed, terrorism will stop in Pakistan. The group rejects the territory of Afghanistan.

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