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Afghanistan demanded the release of demining equipment from Pakistan customs

The Consul General of Afghanistan in Karachi, in a meeting with the head of customs of this city, demanded the release of the equipment of a demining institute, which has been seized in Karachi customs for the past one year.
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According to the regional office report of Tasnim News Agency

, Syed Abdul Jabbar Takhari, the Consul General of the Taliban government in Karachi, met with Wajid Ali, the head of Karachi Customs .

Belonging to “Peach Trust” Institute, which has been stopped at Karachi Customs for the past one year, spoke and asked for the cooperation of the Pakistani side in releasing this equipment. committed to cooperate in this regard . And the contamination of Afghanistan’s lands with mines and unexploded materials left over from the wars has caused serious problems for people’s lives and property.

previously United Nations Mine Action Service Thamidhe reported that since 1989, nearly 44,000 Afghan civilians have been killed or injured by landmines and explosive remnants of war, an average of about 110 per month.

Cleaning 70% of mine contaminated areas in Afghanistan
Unexploded ordnance continues to claim lives in Afghanistan

Report on the impact of explosive munitions in Afghanistan In 2022, UNICEF recorded nearly 700 children killed or maimed by landmines and explosive remnants of war, roughly two children per day.

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