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The martyrdom of another Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli hospital

Hebrew sources announced that the prisoner of Walid Daqeh was martyred in the Israeli hospital "Assav Herviyeh".
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency quoted by the Palestine Information Center, a Hebrew language newspaper “Israel Hume” announced that the prisoner of Walid Daqeh died in the Israeli hospital “Assav Harovia”.

This Palestinian prisoner was suffering from cancer and despite his deteriorating condition, the Zionist regime refused to release him.

The lawyer of this Palestinian prisoner announced that he was martyred due to the medical negligence policy of the Zionist Prisons Organization and the lack of treatment and medical care.

Amnesty International recently called for the immediate release of this Palestinian prisoner. He was released from the prison of the Zionist regime. Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, 14 Palestinian prisoners have been martyred in the prisons of the Zionist regime. Daqe offered condolences to the Zionist regime in prison.

This movement, while condoling the martyrdom of Daqe, once again renewed its covenant with Palestinian prisoners until their release from the prisons of the Zionist regime.

Zaher Jabarin The head of the Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded Office of Hamas emphasized in a statement about this: the martyrdom of the captive commander Walid Daqeh (62 years old) from Western Bagh in the occupied territories in 1948, who was in captivity for 38 years and suffered from cancer and finally died in As a result of the policy of deliberate medical neglect, he was martyred in the prison of the occupying and criminal regime, we offer our condolences to the great nation of Palestine and the Islamic and Arab Ummah and the free people of the world. Al-Aqsa storm and in the shadow of the sacrifices of the great Palestinian nation in Gaza in line with the defense of Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque and loyalty to the captives and the ascension of the Prophet (PBUH), renewing the covenant once again with the captives until their release from the enemy’s prisons in the blind eyes of the occupiers and its criminal leaders. We do.

Jabarin stressed that the crimes committed by Ben Guwer against Palestinian prisoners, the latest example of which was the martyrdom of Walid Daqe, are a failed attempt to defeat the efforts of the mediators and to block the path of an agreement in Gaza.

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