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Martyrdom of a Palestinian prisoner suffering from cancer in the prison of the Zionist regime

One of the Palestinian prisoners who was still imprisoned by the Zionists despite the end of his prison term and suffering from cancer, finally died today.

Prisoners Affairs Organization and Palestinian Prisoners Club have confirmed the news of the martyrdom of cancer prisoner Walid Daqa (62 years old) from the city of Bekaa al-Gharbia in the occupied territories.

According to Al-Quds al-Arabi report, based on what the Department of Prisoners Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners Club announced in a joint statement, Daqe, who has been in custody since 1986 (1365 AD), after years of struggle and resistance and facing a string Long medical crimes were martyred.

Before this, the Department of Prisoners Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said: All the harassment that Daqah suffered was after he was transferred from (civilian) hospitals to prisons, especially Ramleh prison.

These organizations announced that they wrote to several parties and friendly countries before October 7 to intervene in the case of this prisoner, namely Walid Daqa, and immediately intervene to free him and save his life.

Despite the end of his 37-year prison term, Walid Degheh’s detention continued by adding two years to his sentence, and finally led to his martyrdom.

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