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America: We will not allow the development of Russia’s energy sector

The US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Resources said that the country's government is focused on preventing the development of Russia's energy sector.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Rashatoudi, an American Foreign Ministry official acknowledged the country’s attempt to obstruct the development of Russia’s energy sector.

Ferry Piatt, US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Affairs, said on Tuesday that the US intends to stop the development of Russia’s energy sector.

This official of the US State Department stated in a speech at a meeting that the United States specifically targets Russia’s “LNG 2” project in the Arctic, which is being developed. , has targeted.

Our goal is to ensure that “LNG 2 » The North Pole is not able to act.

The US State Department official added that Washington is very focused on ensuring that Russia is not able to develop new projects, rather than the already existing gas route to Europe. had sent, change it.


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