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America: Many NATO members still do not fulfill their obligations

The American representative in NATO criticized the member countries of this alliance, which do not implement the goal of allocating two percent of their gross domestic product to defense spending.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Reuters, the American representative in NATO criticized the members of this alliance for not fulfilling their obligations.

“Julian Smith”, the US representative in NATO, announced that twelve NATO member countries have yet to fulfill their commitment to allocate 2% of their GDP for defense spending. They have not acted.

This American official emphasized in a speech at Georgetown University in Washington DC that we currently have 20 allies that fulfill their 2% commitment.

This is a significant increase over a decade, added Smith. Of course, we want all 32 members to fulfill their commitment and we will keep trying until we get there.

It is not clear on which data this American official made this claim. Estimates of military spending in 2023 show that only 11 NATO member countries have reached the goal of 2% defense spending, while 18 countries have not yet reached this point.


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