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Biden has lost in Ukraine

An American senator admitted that the government's policies in Ukraine have failed.

report Mehr News Agency According to the American Congress information base “Hill”, an American senator described the approach of the president of this country towards Ukraine as a failure.

Senator Ron Johnson announced that US President Joe Biden is pursuing a lost cause in Ukraine because his administration is unwilling to admit the failure of his policy in trying to weaken Russia.

This American senator said: At some point in time, you have to recognize the reality and you have to base your decisions on the reality. But the Biden administration isn’t willing to do that, the generals aren’t willing to do that, because they have to admit they’ve been wrong so far.

The American lawmaker, who attended the inauguration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019, said that Zelensky wanted to make peace with Russia, because this result It was realized that Kiev has no chance to regain Crimea and was looking for a solution to the conflict with Russia.


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