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Israeli spying equipment was targeted by the Lebanese resistance

The Lebanese resistance targeted the spying equipment of the Israeli regime in the occupied fields of Shabaa.
– International news – Tasnim News, Lebanese Islamic Resistance Scenes of the Islamic Resistance operation targeting the Zionist regime’s spying equipment in the military radar center in the occupied fields Shebaa published Lebanon.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah also announced on Monday that it targeted a group of Israeli occupying forces in the Mitat base in northern occupied Palestine with appropriate weapons and killed and wounded these forces.

Hezbollah In a first statement yesterday, Lebanon also announced that the fighters of the Islamic resistance, in order to support the resistant people of the Gaza Strip and support its brave and honorable resistance, after monitoring and accurately predicting the movements of the Zionist regime, a number of explosives (mines) in ” “Tel Ismail” on the border of Lebanon with the occupied territories, and when the Golani brigade of the Israeli regime arrived at this point, the mines exploded and killed and injured a number of them.

Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets at the headquarters of Israel’s air and missile system
The Lebanese resistance targeted 3 military bases of the Israeli regime

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