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Building a symbolic Palestinian youth shelter with cans

Despite the difficulties caused by the war conditions and many shortages, Palestinians seeking refuge from the camps are creatively trying to convey their message to the world.
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According to the Arabic site Tasnim News, amid the sufferings and tragedies of the Gaza war, a group of Palestinian youth living in Deir al-Balah camp made a shelter for themselves using empty cans.




These young people managed to build a metal shelter using cans and food packages from relief organizations for the people of Gaza. Dalia al-Afifi, the creator of this symbolic shelter, said in a conversation with Tasnim reporter in Gaza: One day I said to myself that I can do something using these cans and send a message to everyone. deliver I thought that we, the people of Gaza, have been displaced from our homes and need shelter. So I decided to make a shelter using canned food cans. “”/>

The construction of this shelter lasted for two whole weeks and to build it from Three thousand empty cans have been used. Asim Karim, the designer of the shelter, also stated in a conversation with Tasnim reporter: We stacked the cans. Almost three thousand cans were consumed. We worked hard day and night. This is a completely unique project.

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This symbolic action by the Palestinian youth is actually an attempt to reflect The sufferings and problems of the people of Gaza after enduring 7 months of continuous and all-encompassing war by the Israeli army.

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