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Lebanese representative: The ceasefire on the Lebanese front passes through Gaza

In a conversation with Tasnim, the member of the Lebanese Parliament pointed out that the ceasefire between Lebanon and the regime will not be realized until the war in Gaza is stopped, and emphasized: This is an issue that both the Speaker of the Parliament and the President, as well as the resistance has been emphasized.
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According to the Arabic site Tasnim News Agency, at the same time as the frequent trips of American and French officials to Beirut and Presenting France’s proposed plan by French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournay to the Lebanese authorities in order to end the conflicts between the Islamic resistance of Lebanon and the Zionist army, “Mohammed Al-Khawaja”, a member of the Lebanese Parliament, in an exclusive conversation with a Tasnim reporter in Beirut, while pointing out the insistence In order to separate the fighting on the northern borders of the occupied territories and the Gaza front, Western officials said: “No negotiations on establishing a ceasefire in southern Lebanon will take place before a ceasefire is realized in the Gaza Strip.” This is an issue that has been emphasized both by Nabih Berri, the speaker of the parliament, and by Najib Mikati, the president, as well as the leaders of the Lebanese Islamic resistance.



Al-Khawajah added: We saw positive points in the recent proposal of France, which was presented by Sejourne, the foreign minister of this country, during his recent trip to Beirut, to which we gave a positive response. At the same time, there were negative points in this plan, to which we gave a negative answer and it was not acceptable to us.
Lebanese parliament member regarding whether there will be a ceasefire in Lebanon before the end of the war in Gaza? He emphasized: “Such a thing will not happen. This is an issue that was discussed with the foreign political delegations that traveled to Lebanon since the first day of the battle of Al-Aqsa storm. They had a basic request and that was to separate the fronts from each other, while I believe that the key to the return of peace not only to Lebanon but to the entire region is to stop the war in Gaza.


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