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Day 222 of Al-Aqsa storm Acknowledgment of the occupiers to the ability of Hamas

The war in Gaza is focused on the heavy bombardment of "Jabalia" while the soldiers of the Zionist army consider it futile to invade this camp again to "destroy Hamas" in this area.
– International news – Tasnim News, the bloody war in Gaza with more than 114 thousand people martyred and injured and more than 10 thousand people missing, most of them under the rubble The building remains, entered the 222nd day. In the meantime, the Israeli regime has focused its attacks on the intense bombing of the “Jabalia” camp in the north of this strip, and the occupying army since last Sunday ” “The second stage” has begun the attack on Jabalia in order to prevent Hamas from regaining its ability in this camp. The Zionist army in the city of Rafah is also trying to advance towards the center of this city full of displaced people.

However, on the other hand, the Palestinian fighters are strongly resisting in both areas, and the resistance group of Ezzeddin Qassam is also Every day, it publishes several videos of the destruction of military machines of the invaders. According to the Zionist soldiers, Ezzeddin Qassam has changed his battle tactics and has focused more on building traps.

Day 221 of Al-Aqsa storm| The number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to 35173

Follow the most important developments of the 222nd day of Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

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5:40 American officials: The Biden administration believes that Israel is not capable of completely defeating Hamas

4 American officials to The Politico website said that the government of this country has concluded for several months that Israel is not capable of completely defeating Hamas in Gaza. has gained wide” in Gaza; But it has no plans to manage Gaza after the war.

4:41 Stopping the operation of the “European” hospital in Gaza

Management of the “European” hospital in Khan Yunus, located in the south of Gaza, announced that this hospital was out of operation after running out of fuel and power generators.

3:34 Martyrdom of a Hezbollah fighter

Lebanon Hezbollah announced the martyrdom of one of its fighters named “Hossein Ibrahim Makki” nicknamed “Sayed Makki” (55 years old) and a resident of the village of “Beit Hanoun” on the way to the liberation of Quds.

3:29- Haaretz: Most of the army soldiers believe that the operation in Jabalia is pointless

Haaretz newspaper in a report about the new stage of the attack of the Israeli army on the “Jebalia” camp in the north Gaza wrote that most of the soldiers of this regime consider the operation in this area to be pointless; Because they believe that Hamas quickly recovers its “massive capability” after each operation.

Haaretz wrote that the operation in “Jabalba” showed that according to the army’s assessment, the destruction of Hamas’ infrastructure is not valid.

1:44- Iraqi Islamic Resistance drone attack on Eilat

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced that it destroyed a military target of the Zionist regime in Eilat, located in Hanub, occupied Palestine.

Meanwhile, Iraqi sources told Al-Mayadeen network that in this operation, two new drones with destructive power and high technology were used for the first time, the first drone is called “Al-Arfad”. But the specifications and name of the second drone have not been announced yet.

00:41- 6 martyrs and 9 wounded in the bombing of two residential houses in Gaza



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