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America and England again invaded Yemen’s Hodeidah airport

Yemeni sources announced late last night that America and England targeted Hodeidah International Airport 4 times in a joint attack.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Yemeni media Last evening, the United States and England announced the invasion of Hodeidah International Airport.

Al-Masirah network reported that American and British invaders targeted Hodeidah International Airport four times. They put themselves.

More details about this news have not been published and America and England have not reacted to it.

He emphasized: Yemen proved that it has an important strategic position, in the way that it humiliated and humiliated the arrogant people in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, and put its sovereignty and Arab sovereignty over Arab seas and…from the Red and Arabian Seas to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Kurd: The world has reached a point where no one dares to say a single word to America, but in this world, Yemen is targeting the Americans with its missiles and fighters and has destroyed the credibility and reputation of this country.

Yahya Saari said: In the shadow of the operations in Yemen, the American side has reached a point where it cannot defend its own ships, while Yemen is still at war with the United States and the Israeli side. They wanted to destroy the cry of death to America and death to Israel and forbid us to write these slogans on the walls, but today we write these slogans on rockets and target America and Israel with these rockets.

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