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Simultaneous hunting of Israeli soldiers and tanks in Rafah

The military branch of Hamas, during the two films it has published of its operations, simultaneously targets tanks and Zionist soldiers from point zero, and in other operations captures the robots of the Israeli army.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the battalions Al-Qassam, the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas), released a video of its unprecedented operation against the Zionist forces in the Rafah area, located in the south of the Gaza Strip.

In this video, one One of the Hamas fighters in casual clothes comes out of the mouth of one of the tunnels, which the Zionists seem to have plowed deep around to destroy these tunnels, and detonates an anti-tank bomb a few steps away from an Israeli tank. It guards next to it.




After pulling the bomb detonator, the first soldier quickly goes to the opening and The entrance of the tunnel runs and at the same time another fighter targets another tank with a Yassin 105 rocket and both jump into the tunnel and then an explosion is heard and minutes later an Israeli army helicopter arrives to transport the dead and wounded of this unique operation to the operation site. is sent and all this has been recorded.

Al-Qassam battalions captured the Israeli army robot safe and sound in another film. The Zionist army after Entrapping his soldiers in explosive traps placed at the entrance of tunnels, he uses these robots to reduce casualties, which are equipped with cameras and sensors.




Haaretz: The destruction of Hamas infrastructure in Gaza is not true

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