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People of the Maghreb: Israel’s attack on Rafah should be prevented

The people of Maghreb held a demonstration in the capital of this country, condemning the destructive war of the Zionist army against the Palestinians, and demanded to prevent the invasion of Rafah by the Zionist army.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency

, since the Zionist army attacked the Gaza Strip, Palestinian citizens had to go to Rafah, located on the border between Gaza and Egypt, to avoid the attacks of the Zionist forces.

Now the city of Rafah and its surrounding areas contain the most Palestinian refugees, while the Zionist army is trying to advance towards the center of this city, which is full of Palestinian refugees, but it is facing resistance from Palestinian fighters.

Moroccan citizens condemned the destructive war of the Zionist army against the Palestinians by organizing a demonstration in the capital of this country on Tuesday evening of this week and demanded to stop the military attack. Zionists went to Rafah and reopened its border crossing (Gaza Strip – Egypt) and immediately send humanitarian aid there. The participants in this demonstration chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian resistance and shouted “Resistance forward towards freedom and victory”, “Long live Palestine”, “Palestine is not for sale”, “Neither occupation nor compromise”, “Peace be upon Gaza and resistance”. Peace be upon the women of Gaza, a model of sacrifice and martyrdom. humanitarian for the Palestinians living in this lane.

Maghrebi support anti-Zionist gatherings in Western universities

Maghrebi citizens every week since the Zionist army attacked the Gaza Strip They come to the streets and shout slogans against the Zionist regime and by condemning the crimes of this regime in the war of Azza, they demand an immediate stop to this war and an end to the process of normalizing relations with Tel Aviv.

Morocco and the Zionist regime signed an agreement to normalize relations with the mediation of the United States in December 2020, which faced opposition from the Moroccan parties and people, but the government of Rabat ignored these protests and continued to develop relations with Tel Aviv. He took a step.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been martyred and injured during the attacks of the Zionist military on the Gaza Strip, most of whom are women and children.

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