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Lapid: The return of prisoners is more important than military operations in Rafah

The head of the opposition of the Zionist regime harshly criticized Netanyahu's performance during the Gaza war and said that the conclusion of the prisoner exchange agreement and the return of Israeli prisoners from Gaza is much more important than the military operations carried out by the Israeli army in Rafah.
– International news

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, “Yair Lapid, the head of the opposition of the Zionist regime, who in recent days, together with the Zionist settlers and especially the families of the Israeli prisoners, has increased his requests to remove the current Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, in his remarks criticizing the operation of the Zionist army in the city of Rafah. In the south of the Gaza Strip, he announced that reaching an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and the return of Israeli prisoners from Gaza is more important than the military operation in Rafah. He also held Netanyahu responsible for the recent differences between America and Israel knew and said that Netanyahu was responsible for the action of the American government in suspending the shipment of weapons to Israel and the failure of the Israeli cabinet in managing the war caused this action of America.

Lapid stated that Netanyahu’s cabinet has displayed the differences in the public arena and the responsibility of transferring these differences to the public arena and making them public is the responsibility of the cabinet.

A few days ago, Israeli officials announced that the United States had delayed the shipment of arms aid including ammunition last week due to disagreements regarding the Rafah operation.

This is while the “Financial Times” newspaper quoted a senior official of the Biden administration and wrote: Israel continues to receive large amounts of weapons from the United States.

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