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Investigating strategies for the development of Persian language in Georgia

The ambassador of Iran in Georgia said at a gathering of Iranologists and Persian language professors in Tbilisi: The current situation of Iranology in Georgia shows that saving these seats and strengthening them requires a new and structural development.
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According to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, a gathering Iranologists and professors of Persian language in Georgia, together with the day of preservation of Persian language and literature and commemoration of Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi on May 25, was held in Tbilisi by the cultural consultation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the beginning of this conference, Mahmoud Adib, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Georgia, pointed out the importance of the Persian language in various countries, including Germany, Russia, Italy, and some Central and Eastern European countries, which have an active position and history in the field of Iranian studies and the Persian language.

In the second part of the conference, which was dedicated to the solutions for the development of the Persian language in Georgia, the ambassador of our country spoke about the establishment of centers and organizations focusing on Iranian culture. And he considered the cultural exchanges between Iran and Georgia, which operate independently of the governments, to be important and added: such an organization can be the main platform for holding cultural and social events, interdisciplinary research, hosting conferences, publishing academic journals and organizing cultural events such as film broadcasts and Iranian series, holding exhibitions and interaction with schools, libraries and cultural institutions. As the embassy, ​​we will recognize such a center and cooperate with it. In the meeting, he asked for the importance of the Persian language in Georgia and efforts to preserve and strengthen the chairs of the Persian language and Iranian studies, requesting cooperation and providing appropriate solutions from the professors and experts in this field.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Mrs. “Bella Shalvashvili”, the translator of the Shahnameh in Georgian, was commended and presented with a memorial gift by the ambassador of our country.

Among the other speakers of this accounting conference, the visiting professor of the Ministry of Science at Tbilisi University discussed the history of the Persian language and the departure from foreignness against the Arabic language and the lofty position of the Persian language with literary masterpieces such as the Shahnameh.

“Alexander Chelokhadze” and Mrs. “Tea Shurghaya” were among the other speakers of this conference who pointed out the factors of the decline of Persian language students and the strategies for its development.

Currently, the teaching of Persian language and Iranology department is active in 4 schools of Tbilisi city and 4 universities of Georgia, but due to many reasons, including the labor market and competition, and the activities of hundreds of other countries, including Turkey, and Arab countries such as Egypt and Kuwait, which recently Saudi Arabia has also been added to it, unfortunately, the Persian language has not flourished and student recruitment is in minimal conditions. It is necessary to spend in this section, which is definitely not considered an expense and is an investment for Iran.

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