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Developments in Ukraine Moscow’s reaction to London’s permission to attack Crimea

Britain's defeat in the psychological war against Russia, the acceptability of China's approach to solving the Ukraine crisis from Putin's point of view, Blinken's reference to the critical situation in Kiev, the record of the escape of Ukrainians from Mobilization and the possibility of a military conflict by the West are among the important events surrounding the war.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Grant Shops British Defense Minister confirmed that London allowed Kiev to attack the Crimea region with British weapons.

He said in a press conference yesterday: You know, we have authorized the use of weapons on the territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, which we consider an integral part of this country.”

In this regard, it seems that he always acts according to international humanitarian laws. According to him, Britain’s commitment to Ukraine “remains absolute”, because Russia’s victory is “unacceptable” for London. The international affairs of the Federation Council (Senate) of Russia emphasized that it is impossible for Britain to win the “psychological war” against Russia. He said: despite the carte blanche given by the British authorities to Ukraine to invade Russian territory, in fact, the attempt to It is a “psychological war” against Russia, but London does not consider that Moscow is ready to repel such actions. London’s attack on Crimea with the weapons transferred to Ukraine by Britain is nothing more than a “trick of the devil” and a hypocritical approach. While it is quite obvious that Crimea is a land where peaceful and civilian people live and they support the attacks of the armed forces of Ukraine on civilians.”

The senator added : Ukraine and England should be compared with Israel, which is responsible for killing civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also said that Ukraine It has the right to use the weapons provided by London to attack targets on Russian soil, and Kiev itself decides whether to do this or not. According to him, any Western support for Ukraine until NATO enters a direct war with If it does not become Russia, it is acceptable.

Next, you can follow the developments related to the eight hundred and twelfth day of the war in Ukraine:


Putin: Russia positively evaluates China’s approaches to solving the Ukraine crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Xinhua news agency, announced that Moscow positively evaluates China’s approach to resolving the conflict in Ukraine.


He explained: Beijing authorities are well aware of the root causes and importance of their global geopolitics, and this issue is in the 12-point plan “China’s positions on the political solution of the Ukraine crisis” published in February 2023 is reflected. The theses presented in this plan show China’s sincere desire to help stabilize the situation.

At the same time, Putin emphasized that despite the reluctance of Ukrainian politicians to resolve the conflict Through balanced diplomatic negotiations, the Russian side remains open to dialogue as before. He added: We want a comprehensive, sustainable and just solution to this conflict through peaceful means. And we are ready to talk about Ukraine, but these talks should take into account the interests of all parties involved in this conflict, including the interests of Russia.

Moreover The president said that the negotiations should bring Russia reliable security guarantees that have been neglected by many global players in the political arena.

The main problem, he argues, is precisely the reliability of any guarantee, since we are dealing with countries whose ruling circles prefer a world order not based on international law, but a “rules-based order”, which they keep talking about. .

Zelensky canceled his trip to Spain

according to the report According to Spanish media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who planned to visit Portugal and Spain on May 17 as part of a working visit, canceled it.

According to This information, Madrid authorities did not explain the reason for canceling this trip, which was supposed to be Zelenskiy’s first trip to Spain, during which he was supposed to meet with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to sign a security agreement.

According to the agency, Spain’s King Philip VI was preparing to meet with Zelenskiy, but a few hours later Madrid received a notice canceling his trip. The reasons why the President of Ukraine cannot come to Madrid have not been specified.

José Manuel Alvarez, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, referring to security concerns and pointing out that Any trip by Zelensky abroad is certainly associated with risks, he refused to comment on it.

Vasily Nebenzia, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations last night at the Security Council meeting on Ukraine, reminded that the rate of escape from the mobilization in Ukraine despite strict methods Conscription is breaking all historical records in this field.

He said: In just the next few days and from May 18, Ukrainian men of the age of conscription They will be practically disabled and with the implementation of the new Basij law, they will no longer be able to manage their property and funds if they do not introduce themselves. However, the rate of desertion of men from the Basij in Ukraine has reached unprecedented levels. are criticizing People have no interest in conflict with Russia. But in order to stop the bloodshed, Vladimir Zelensky and other politicians of Kiev who want to continue the conflict should be deprived of power. Kyiv

Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, announced on his Telegram channel last night that the meeting of the Security Council to discuss the issue of sending weapons West to Ukraine and the escalation of the humanitarian situation in this country, is scheduled to be held on May 20.

Blinken in Kiev: We know the situation is critical

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced during his unannounced visit to Kiev that the current stage in the military conflict has become very critical for Ukraine. And the West understands this issue.

He said: “We are meeting at a sensitive and critical moment <..> We know that time is very important, to That’s why Joe Biden sent military ammunition to Ukraine just one minute after Congress approved a massive military aid package, and more weapons will be delivered to the battlefield in the coming days.”

Referring to the increase in the attacks of the Russian army on the eastern regions of Ukraine, the US Secretary of State noted that “a lot is expected” from the Ukrainians in the coming weeks and months. Thus, he supported the strengthening of mobilization law in this country and emphasized that this is a “difficult but necessary decision”. Blinken also added that NATO has already agreed that In order to speed up the integration process, Kyiv will not have to fulfill the necessary conditions to join this coalition. Among other things, relations between Brussels and Ukraine will be strengthened through bilateral agreements with allies, including the United States.

In addition, he said that the American government intends to Use the powers received from Congress to confiscate Russian assets. The US Secretary of State added that the G7 countries can also release billions of dollars and send a strong signal to Moscow. Holding presidential elections in Ukraine

Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, during his speech at Kyiv Polytechnic University, announced that the presidential elections in Ukraine It will be held when the citizens of this country agree that they have the conditions to hold it and agree with this work. Strengthening the electoral infrastructure of Ukraine, he added: “Thanks to this work, when the Ukrainians agreed that the conditions allow and all people, including refugees, can use the right to vote. Elections will be held.”

In Ukraine, presidential elections were supposed to be held on March 31, but this year political campaigns were canceled and this decision was made with the current military regime in They know that the country is related.

Moscow is not unlikely that the West will start a massive military conflict

Sergei Naryshkin, the candidate for the post of the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, said that a large-scale military conflict would be possible if the Western bloc considers it profitable and safe for itself.

According to him, according to the information available to this service, some Euro-Atlantic politicians are planning to launch a large-scale military conflict to maintain hegemony. They know it’s possible.

This security official emphasized: There are responsible actors in the world who can prevent conflicts and “the world from being dragged towards chaos”. prevent. Naryshkin added: “Russia’s foreign intelligence service, together with partner intelligence services, is closely monitoring the development of the situation in the region”. To allocate 0.25 percent of its GDP to Ukraine 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, suggested on Tuesday that the United Nations should allocate 0.25 spend a percentage of their GDP on Ukraine and also transfer frozen Russian assets to this country.

He said: strengthening military aid to Ukraine, from It is necessary to remove all restrictions on the supply of weapons. It is important that allies spend 0.25% of their GDP on military aid to Ukraine and release $300 billion of frozen Russian assets to support our country.

Macron announced the plan of Paris to supply Kiev with new weapons in the near future >

French President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Paris will send several types of weapons to Kiev in the coming days and weeks. will deliver.

The presidents of the two countries first discussed the developing situation on the ground and the needs of Ukraine. And Macron confirmed France’s determination to provide all the necessary support in the long term. will move to Ukraine, but the Elysée message did not provide that information.

Macron also said he was interested in the 2024 Paris Olympics as an opportunity for diplomatic efforts. and the negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine should be used based on the interests of Kyiv.

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against three legal entities and a Russian citizen. According to Washington, the people on this list are involved in “trying to circumvent sanctions”. The company is targeted for American citizens and businesses, as well as the freezing of the company’s funds and assets in the United States. The United States had signed an agreement banning the import of enriched uranium in Russia or a company affiliated with the country.

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