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The leader of North Korea visited Pyongyang’s new missile system

The leader of North Korea called for an "unprecedented change" in the country's war readiness while visiting Pyongyang's new tactical missile system.

report Mehr News, according to Reuters, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while visiting a new tactical missile system produced by Pyongyang, called for an unprecedented change in the preparation of the country’s army for war.

North Korea’s Central News Agency wrote that Kim Jong Un was closely informed of the mechanism of the “tactical missile system that will soon be equipped with integrated missile units.”

According to this media, “North Korea’s weapons production factories have completed their ammunition plans for the first half of the year and will advance their program in line with the production of tactical missile weapons systems.” Win.”

The visit comes two days after Kim Jong-un visited an ammunition factory that manufactures single-firing rifles and vehicles for transporting multiple missile launchers. . Last week, he also participated in the North Korean multiple rocket launcher test firing exercise with a 240 mm cannon.

Some media and analysts have claimed that the intensification of testing and increase in the production of weapons in North Korea is done with the aim of selling weapons to Russia. Washington and its allies have long accused Pyongyang of sending weapons and ammunition to Russia for use in Ukraine in exchange for fuel, raw materials and technological assistance. In March, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik claimed that the country’s northern neighbor had sent about 7,000 containers of ammunition to Russia. Pyongyang and Moscow have rejected these accusations.


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