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13 dead and injured after the crash of the rescue helicopter of the Afghan Air Force

The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan announced that 13 people were killed and injured after a helicopter crashed in this country.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Reuters, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, the accident of the helicopter belonging to the air force of this country in the city of Firouzkoh, the capital of Ghor Province, killed one person and injured 12 others. has led.

Afghan Air Force Mil-17 helicopter suffered a technical failure a few hours ago while trying to remove bodies from a river in Ghor province in the center of this country, and after trying failed to land, crashed.

Mil-17 helicopters are usually used in relief operations and this helicopter was sent to help the victims of the recent deadly flood in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan. have been. The devastating flood has killed about 315 people in this country so far.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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