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Firing dozens of Hezbollah rockets at the military bases of the Israeli regime

Hezbollah announced that it targeted the air control center of the Zionist regime in Miron base with dozens of missiles.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Hezbollah’s statement says: In line with support We are from the resilient people of the Gaza Strip and the support of its brave and honorable resistance, and in the context of the response to the recent terrorist act of the Israeli regime in the south, today Wednesday, the fighters of the Islamic resistance attacked the headquarters of the air control unit in the Miron base with dozens of Katyusha rockets, heavy rockets and cannon balls. They targeted.

Hebrew media: Hezbollah’s new missile is extremely destructive
Lebanon Hezbollah targeted 2 bases of the Zionist regime

This statement, referring to the missiles hitting the target, stated that following this missile attack, the activity of parts of this base was completely stopped.

Before this, the Lebanese media They reported that the military site “Radar” of the Zionist regime was targeted in the occupied fields of Sheba, Lebanon.

The radio of the Zionist regime reported that rockets with high explosive power were fired at the bases of Miron and Branit and the settlement of Kiryat Shemune of the Zionist regime. had been given. This media reported that a guided missile hit Kiryat Shmoune.

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