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Statement of Islamic Jihad on the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine

In a statement on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad stressed on the continuation of resistance until the occupiers are expelled from the Palestinian land.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Islamic Jihad movement in its statement on the occasion of the seventy The sixth anniversary of the occupation of the Palestinian land, known as Nakbat Day, has brought: despite displacement, crimes and all forms of oppression and plans to eliminate the Palestinian issue, the resistance continues.

Hamas statement on the occasion of the “76th” anniversary of the occupation of Palestine
Hamas: We will not lay down our arms until the complete liberation of Palestine

Today, after about eight months of the genocidal war in Gaza, we announced We say that our will has never wavered and our flag is still raised.

Our people continue to resist with full courage and persistence to liberate the land and reclaim their legitimate rights.

We proved to the whole world that our nation clings to its land, we are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of our sanctities, the lies of the Zionist regime and its fragility and weakness have been exposed.

Arab betrayal and suspicious silence And we condemn the complicity of the compromise regimes with the occupiers and their failed plans, our nation will defeat their plans.

To all those who support us and our people, especially the axis We send greetings to the resistance and all the free people of the world and universities.

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