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UNICEF: 850,000 children are displaced in the Gaza Strip/there is no safe place

An international body affiliated with the United Nations announced the high number of refugees in the Gaza Strip and the plight of children who make up half of this number.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Website Shahab News, UNICEF emphasized in a statement today that nearly 1.7 million Palestinians are displaced and homeless in the Gaza Strip.

So UNICEF announced that half of the war refugees in the Gaza Strip are children, and many of them are They were often forced to migrate.

This international organization affiliated to the United Nations stated that there is no safe place in Gaza. and there is an urgent need for a ceasefire.

UNICEF stated that the families that survived the war in Gaza were forced to move to densely populated areas and live on the streets or inside half-built buildings. style=”text-align:justify”>Kare and they live while making.

It should be said that in recent days, the Zionist army has attacked the city of Rafah, which is the last safe haven for Palestinian refugees. It was considered to be in the Gaza Strip, it has carried out heavy attacks and while occupying the Rafah crossing, it has entered parts of this city.


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