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Beijing’s reaction to the increase in US tariffs on Chinese products

China's foreign minister announced that the significant increase in US tariffs on Chinese products shows that some people in Washington have lost their minds.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Wang Yi Chinese Foreign Minister stated in a clear statement that the significant increase in US tariffs on Chinese products and goods shows that some People in Washington have lost their minds.

He added: America’s action in significantly increasing tariffs on Chinese-made goods is a sign of weakness, not strength, and shows that some people in America have lost their minds.

President Joe Biden today announced a significant increase in tariffs on some Chinese products, especially batteries for electric cars, computer chips and medical products.

Mr. Yi pointed out that this is the most common form of bullying in the world today. This action of the American government shows that some people in this country have reached the point of losing their minds to maintain their unipolar hegemony.

He emphasized that the suppression of China by the US does not show that the US is strong, and rather it shows that the US has lost its self-confidence and is disabled.

China’s foreign minister expressed that this action of America instead of What hinders China’s progress will inspire our country’s population of one billion and 400 million people to work harder.

He said: At this critical point in the recovery of the global economy, the international community should warn the United States that a new problem for Do not create the world.

During a speech at the White House in front of unions and companies, Biden said that American workers can compete with anyone as long as the competition is fair. But this competition has not been fair for a long time. We cannot allow China to invade the American market.        

Meanwhile, Joe Biden stated that China will probably increase tariffs on American products and possibly unrelated products in a retaliatory measure, but it is unlikely that this action will lead to an international conflict.

According to the new law, China’s electric vehicle tariff will be quadrupled and the import of solar cells and semiconductors will be subject to a 50% tariff. In addition, the import tariff of cranes will increase from zero to 25%, the tariff of some medical tools, including syringes and needles, will increase from zero to 50%, and the tariff of some personal protective equipment used in medical equipment will increase from almost zero to 25%. The shortage of personal protective equipment, which is mass-produced in China, caused a lot of damage to the United States during the corona epidemic.

Accordingly, 18 billion dollars of Chinese imported products including Steel and aluminum, semiconductors, electric vehicles, vital minerals and solar cells are affected by this new law.

Additionally, under this law, additional tariffs in 2025 and 2026 on semiconductors including lithium batteries, permanent magnets and graphite, as well as gloves Medical and surgical plastic is applied.

After the announcement of these tariffs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce of China, while criticizing it, announced that retaliatory action should be taken quickly. will do The Minister of Commerce of this country stated that Beijing strongly opposes the increase of tariffs on its products and Beijing will take necessary measures to protect its legitimate interests.

Also, the spokesperson Wang Wenbin The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China demanded the cancellation of the applied tariffs.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump said: The imposed tariffs are not enough and should be imposed on all cars imported from China.

During his presidency, Trump imposed tariffs on two-thirds of China’s imported goods, and since then the economic war between the two countries has intensified.

But in recent months, relations between the US and China have seen signs of improvement as both sides take steps to re-establish communication channels after decades of heightened tensions between them. Recently, they have removed.

A dramatic increase in US tariffs on Chinese exports

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