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Taliban: We will have a maximum presence in the upcoming book exhibition in Tehran

The first secretary of the Afghan embassy in Tehran rejected the published reports about Kabul's opposition to the participation of Afghan publishers in the Tehran International Book Fair and said that the late arrival of the invitation is the reason for the weak participation of the country's publishers.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, Abu Bakr Sahibi, the first secretary of the Afghan Embassy in Tehran, on the sidelines of the Tehran International Book Fair, denied the claims and reports about the Taliban government’s opposition to the presence of Afghan publishers in this fair and said that the reason for the low participation of publishers from within Afghanistan in this fair is the late arrival of the invitation.

In a conversation with “Ava”, he announced plans for the maximum presence of Afghan publishers in the upcoming Tehran book fair.

Referring to the visit to the 35th Tehran International Book Fair, Sahibi stated: “Every country likes to display the culture and works of its scientists who work hard and publish books. Very good works from Afghanistan are displayed in this exhibition”.

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Sahibi said about the plan of the Afghan Embassy for next year and the large presence of publishers in the Tehran Book Fair: “Following the delay that It happened this year, we decided to prepare for next year early and consult with both the host country and Kabul so that we can increase the number of Afghan stands as much as possible to encourage the Afghans and quench the thirst of the visitors”.

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