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The gathering of Turkish party leaders in front of the Zionist embassy

Leaders of Turkey's Future and Saadat parties gathered in front of the Zionist embassy in Ankara and demanded a ceasefire in Gaza.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Ahmet Davutoglu, the leader of Turkey’s Future Party, along with representatives This party and the Saadat party gathered in front of the embassy of this regime in Ankara on the anniversary of the Arab-Israeli war. He said: In 1948, Palestine was divided and the Palestinian people were forced to migrate to Gaza and the West Bank. This process is called Nakbat Day, 76 years have passed since that day. Referring to the developments in Gaza, the leader of the future party named it as Israel’s war with humanity and stated: “It has been 7 months since the Human lives have been trampled, more than 40 thousand people have been killed and thousands of people have been left under the rubble. 15,000 children have been killed, hospitals have been bombed and all war crimes have occurred.

Davooglu continued: America has been witnessing large protests for two months after the protests of the Vietnam War. Academicians are arrested with handcuffs, but they don’t pull back and don’t shut up because the sign in front of us is a sign that shouldn’t be silenced. As an academic, I am proud of them.

He pointed to the suspension of business relations between Turkey and the Zionist regime and said: The Turkish government restricted business relations with our pressure and after 7 months. We said 7 months without fatigue. They said that they are private companies and we cannot interfere. 2 weeks ago, I wrote to Erdogan and said that May 15 can be a day of initiative for Türkiye. Write a letter to all world leaders and invite them to declare today a day of mourning. I am sure that if it had happened, flags would be half-mast all over the world today.

The leader of the future party, referring to the return of the diplomats of the Zionist regime to their mission in Turkey, said: while the genocide in Gaza is going on. We do not want Ankara to become the base of genocidal diplomats. First, they must accept the ceasefire, pay back in the international court and pay for the human crimes committed. Until then, we will not accept the normalization process in any way.

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© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Tasnim News Agency
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