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Hezbollah official: Netanyahu will not achieve anything but defeat in Rafah

The head of the Hezbollah faction stressed that Netanyahu will not achieve anything in Rafah and the Zionists have failed in all their goals in Gaza, saying: "Resistance has become an existential threat against the Zionist regime and today the destruction of this regime is very close."
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Mohammed Raad” the head of the resistance faction in the parliament Speaking about the process of confronting the Zionist enemy, Lebanon announced that the resistance has twisted the arm of the Israeli enemy and destroyed it.

Mohammed Raad, referring to the disgraceful failure of the occupiers to achieve their aggressive goals in the Gaza Strip. He emphasized: The resistance in Lebanon confronts the threats of the Zionist regime against the country’s sovereignty and the aggressions that this regime insists on carrying out, and today the resistance has become an existential threat to the Zionists, and the Zionist enemy fully feels this existential threat by increasing the deterrence of the resistance. He added: The resistance stood against the Zionist project to support Lebanon and stand in solidarity with the people and fighters of the resistance in Gaza. When the Zionist regime started its invasion of the Gaza Strip, it wanted to eradicate the resistance from this area and then come to Lebanon, but the Lebanese resistance fired the first shot at the invaders.

This Hezbollah official stated. Kurd: The resistance has severely twisted the arm of the invaders and can tire them out. The Zionist enemy, with all his brutality, arrogance and aggression, did not achieve any of the goals he had set in the Gaza war and failed in all of them. During the Gaza war, he pointed out and emphasized: Don’t believe that the US did not want the Zionist regime to enter Rafah and attack it, but the US, with its maneuvers and claims that it is against the attack on Rafah, wants to use the scale of its scandal before the public opinion of the world after Reduce the crimes committed against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. Referring to the disgrace of America in front of all the nations of the world, Mohammad Raad said: The demonstrations held in America and Europe to condemn the genocidal war of the Zionist regime against Gaza It can put additional pressure on the United States.

The head of the Hezbollah faction in the Lebanese Parliament, referring to the comprehensive support of the United States to the Zionist regime in its barbaric crimes against the Palestinian people, stated: Israelis without ammunition and smart weapons that America provides them, they could never attack Gaza.

He added: Netanyahu will achieve nothing but defeat in Rafah and cannot pressure the resistance in negotiations and the only way to release the Zionist prisoners. Reaching a cease-fire agreement and exchange of prisoners, and the Zionists will not get anywhere from these killings.

Mohammed Raad emphasized in the end: The resistance overthrew the Zionist project, and today we want to destroy the Zionist regime. We are closer.

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