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Palestinian resistance: The destruction of Israel is closer than ever

The Palestinian resistance committees expressed their gratitude to all the free people of the world for supporting the people of Gaza, and stressed that the Al-Aqsa storm battle brought down the Zionist project and that the destruction of the Zionist fascist regime is closer than ever.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the Palestinian resistance committees issued a press release on the occasion of the 70 And on the sixth anniversary of the Nakbat Day, they announced that the Palestinian people have their roots in their land and stick to their land and homeland and defend their sanctities. and the myth of the invincible army of the Zionist regime was destroyed and collapsed, and all the illusions and legends that this occupying regime and its allies in the West tried to establish in the minds of the nations of the world were destroyed.

Palestinian resistance committees emphasized They said: The Palestinian people adhere to their land and homeland and will never abandon it, and the temporary Zionist entity is on the verge of destruction and collapse, and the destruction of this regime is closer than ever.

The statement continues. is: The noble and proud nation of Palestine will continue its brave and continuous resistance, for which there is no alternative, and none of the crimes and killings of the occupying regime against the Palestinian people and the genocidal war that this regime and the United States have launched against the Palestinians. It will not stop us from continuing our resistance. According to this statement, the resistance and sacrifice of the Palestinian people will never be in vain, and the result of these sacrifices is the fall of the Zionist project and the destruction of this colonial regime that is rejected all over the world.

The Palestinian resistance committees stated: We salute and appreciate all the free people of the world, from the children of the Islamic Ummah to the honorable students around the world, who have come to the field to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The continuation of these activities and marches and strikes with the aim of stopping the brutal aggression of the Zionists against the innocent civilians.

These committees continue to support all the fronts supporting Gaza that have come to the field to fight the Zionist enemy, including the resistance fighters in Lebanon. Yemen, Iraq, Syria and all fronts sent greetings. In Jabalia

Islamic Jihad statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine

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