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Russia called the attempt on the life of the Slovak Prime Minister terrible

The President of Russia called the attempt on the life of the Prime Minister of Slovakia a terrible crime that has no justification, and the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country also reminded: Robert Fico always courageously expresses his positions against the collective Western policy.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Vladimir Putin was quoted by “Novosti” news agency. The Russian President called the assassination attempt on the life of the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico a terrible crime that has no justification. Putin wrote in a telegram to the Slovak President Zuzane Chaputova: “I am saddened and Anger I learned about the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Robert Fico. This action is a terrible and inexcusable crime.” The Russian president added that he considers Fico a strong-willed and courageous politician and hopes that these moral qualities will help the Slovak prime minister in this difficult situation. also resist Putin asked Chaputova to convey his support and wish for full health to Fico as soon as possible. Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, also reminded that Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico spoke honestly in He is not afraid of the events that are happening in the world.

He said in a TV interview last night: “We strongly condemn this attack and we wish Prime Minister Fico a speedy recovery.” We consider him a friend of Russia who, at this moment of a dramatic and critical period in the history of mankind, has never stopped expressing his point of view, which often does not correspond to the flow of collective Western politics, and he expresses his positions with courage.”

On Wednesday, Igor Bratchikov, the Russian ambassador in Bratislava, also condemned the assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico and wished him a speedy recovery. According to him, it is necessary to punish those who are responsible for this evil act.

The assassination attempt on the life of Robert Fico happened yesterday afternoon after the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. The Prime Minister moved towards the people who had come to welcome him, when several gunshots were immediately heard.

This politician is currently in the hospital, and as reported by the spokesperson of his party, his physical condition is critical.

Slovak press noted that Fico suffered from internal bleeding as a result of his injuries. According to media reports, the shooter was a 71-year-old man named George K. And he was from the city of Levits. The man fired from a short-barreled rifle and was arrested at the same moment. to the death of the Slovak prime minister Done

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