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Putin: Russia’s economy must become defensive

While appreciating the former Minister of Defense for building a powerful army and the importance of his current duties as the Secretary of the Security Council, the Russian President stressed that the country's economy should change towards defense and the military industry complex should be developed.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Vladimir Putin was quoted by “Tas” news agency. In a meeting about the development of the country’s military industrial complex, the President of Russia announced that in the Russian economy, it is necessary to prevent the shift of emphasis towards the defense field. He said: “I want to remind you of a very important point.” Shum: All of us must achieve the national development goals by unconditionally observing the principles of healthy economy and macroeconomic principles. This is an extremely important issue. In no way should we allow a deviation to be created in the direction of the economy and industry towards becoming more defensive.” It is not military, but to the social sphere.

Putin’s appreciation for Shoigu’s efforts in building a powerful Russian armed forces

Russian President in a meeting with the commanders of the military regions The country also thanked former Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for his efforts to build a strong armed forces and give them a new look, noting: “And I don’t think anyone doubts that the armed forces must constantly, including on The requirements of the current world and the modern methods of war should be reinforced.

He noted the fact that General Shoigu, more than anyone else, needs to ensure commitments to partners in supplying military equipment to the foreign market. understands and added: In the new position of Secretary of the Security Council, the former Minister of Defense, in addition to overseeing the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, will also lead the operation of the military industrial complex.

Putin’s explanation The appointment of Belousov as the Minister of Defense Putin explained that the appointment of Andrey Belousov as the Acting Minister of Defense of Russia is associated with an increase in spending in the military sector. He noted that in the mid-1980s, the Soviet Union’s total defense and security spending was about 13 percent. While in 2024, Russia’s military spending will be approximately 8.7 percent.

He added: “This is a great resource and we are obliged to use it very efficiently and effectively.”


Putin continued: Belousov “well understands what needs to be done so that the economy of the entire military bloc and the Ministry of Defense fit as a key link in the overall economy of the country.”

President At the same time, the president emphasized that with the increase in defense and security expenses, all social obligations to the citizens must be fulfilled. On Saturday, Putin signed a decree by which Sergei Shoigu was released from the position of defense minister. and was appointed to the position of Secretary of the Security Council of Russia instead of Nikolai Patrushev. In addition, the President proposed to appoint Andrey Belousov as the Minister of Defense of Russia. He has been working as the first deputy prime minister since 2020. China/ two defense ministers accompanying him

The appointment of the Prime Minister of Russia with Putin’s signature
Putin’s desired government structure was sent to the Russian Duma

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