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Warning to the international community about the extreme brutality of the Zionists in Gaza

A government official in Gaza warned the international community about the dangerous situation in Gaza in the shadow of excessive brutality of the Zionists by declaring that America, England and other allies of the occupying regime are directly responsible for the brutal crimes of this regime against the Palestinian people and the tragic incident of the Nakbat.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the government information office in the Gaza Strip during a press conference to On the occasion of the seventy-sixth anniversary of Nakbat Day (occupation of Palestine in 1948), a warning was issued to the international community and the whole world about the dangerous situation in the Gaza Strip in the shadow of the barbaric aggressions of the Zionist regime and announced that the escalation and continuation of these aggressions will cause a deep humanitarian crisis in Ismail al-Thwabateh, director of the government information office in the Gaza Strip, said in this statement: “The Palestinian people have been subjected to the most terrible crimes and forced displacement in history since 1948, and today the Zionists are Their genocidal war against the people of Gaza has started a new tragedy and they do not pay the slightest attention to human values ​​and morals.

The crimes of the occupiers continue to escalate. 76 years have passed since the fateful day of Nakbat, and Palestine continues to suffer from all kinds of crimes and killings, and in the meantime, Western countries, including America, England, Germany, France, and other countries, fully support the crimes of the occupiers and seek to destroy the just cause. They are Palestine.

This government official in Gaza stated: These countries, together with the Zionist regime, are fighting against freedom, humanity, moral values ​​and principles, and are sending weapons and fighters to the occupying regime, and in the genocidal war against the Palestinian people. are directly involved and we hold all of them responsible for these crimes that history will never forget. Al-Thawabateh stressed: The Zionist invaders continue to kill our people and have destroyed all signs of life in the Gaza Strip. . In this genocidal war against the Palestinian people, the Zionists have massacred more than 35,000 people, and more than 10,000 people are missing, whose fate is still unknown, and all vital infrastructure in the Gaza Strip has been destroyed. The occupiers cold-bloodedly and brazenly executed hundreds of civilians in Gaza and hid them in mass graves, and so far we have found 7 mass graves inside hospitals, where more than 520 bodies were discovered, and this The crimes are still continuing.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated: The crimes of the occupying regime army in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood and Sheikh Rizwan neighborhood and in Al-Nusirat, Al-Brij and Jabalia camps are still continuing with the height of brutality and the occupiers have committed the worst crimes against The civilians are besieged and defenseless.

Al-Thawabateh further pointed to the brutal attack of the Zionist regime on Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip and announced: the aggression of the occupiers in Rafah continues and the Zionist regime occupies the Rafah land crossing. and closed it, and during the last 8 days, the occupiers have prevented the movement of more than 450 injured and sick people; while these wounded and sick people were supposed to be transferred to hospitals outside Gaza for treatment.

Aids prevent them.

This government official of Gaza pointed out that the Zionist regime, in addition to its continuous crimes against the people of Gaza, has also launched a systematic hunger war against these people and said: Today this call and warning We export to the international community and all the countries of the world and tell them that the Gaza Strip has entered a dangerous stage and the occupying regime, along with the American government and its other allies, has created a deep humanitarian crisis in Gaza and launched a great genocidal war against Palestinian civilians. and has destroyed all the infrastructure and signs of life in this area.

The director of the government information office in the Gaza Strip about the killing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people at the hands of the criminal and Nazi Zionist army if these brutal aggressions continue. He warned and emphasized: All the countries of the world should take responsibility for curbing the barbarities of the Zionists and condemn these crimes. We hold the Zionist occupation regime and the American and British governments and all their allies responsible for the disastrous consequences of the fateful day of the Nakbat and the ongoing genocidal war against the Palestinian people. And the world asked them to put pressure on the occupiers to stop the genocidal war that takes more victims every day in Gaza.

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