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Zionist officers’ anger and concern about Hezbollah’s intelligence power

The circles of the Zionist regime, expressing concern about the intelligence power of Hezbollah, announced that Israeli officers are very angry after the Israeli army's spy balloons were shot down by Hezbollah, and they believe that Israel has completely lost its deterrence in the north.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, after the downing of the Zionist regime’s spy balloon by Hezbollah The analysis of this Lebanese resistance operation continues in Zionist circles, and Zionist officers, expressing concern about the surprising capabilities of Hezbollah, announced that Israel has no deterrent on the northern front. In a report, the Zionist announced that the downing of the Israeli army’s spy balloons by Hezbollah allows this party to analyze the capabilities and range of the control system of these balloons.

This Israeli network responded. According to the Israeli army’s claim that there is no concern about the disclosure of information after the shooting down of the army’s spy balloons by Hezbollah, he announced: Although the Israeli army was able to track these balloons for a while and determine the place where they fell, but unlike the previous cases, the decision It was decided that the Israeli army would not attack the place where the balloons fell due to the fear of Hezbollah’s retaliation.

This Hebrew media reported that the officers of the Israeli army stationed in the border area with Lebanon made such a decision with anger and They believe that Israel has no deterrent in the northern front. We are now facing a detailed security and intelligence operation during which Hezbollah was able to target the Israeli army’s spy balloon control base. Israeli army spying by Hezbollah announced that Hezbollah is attacking heavily and has made many gains. During the past two weeks, Hezbollah has had many successes, especially in the field of inflicting precise casualties on the Israeli army.

Also, experts of the Zionist regime have emphasized the importance of the contents of the army’s spy balloon and the camera it carried with it and its ability to take pictures. and gathering the information of these balloons, pointed out and emphasized: the camera of this balloon and its quality are unique, and all these are very important and accurate information, and Hezbollah knows how to use them.

He criticized The statements of the Israeli army officials who claim that nothing happened when the spy balloon control base of the Israeli army was targeted emphasized: This way of thinking is very incorrect; Because the balloon that Hezbollah shot down was actually Israel’s surveillance eye and intelligence power. This eye and the strength of the Israeli army was damaged by Hezbollah, and this makes Israel unable to deploy another balloon in the same place. On the other hand, the Hebrew media reported that nothing could stop the rockets from firing. and Hezbollah’s drones are directed towards the Al-Jalil region in the north; As this happened in the last 8 months and nothing has changed. In the new stage of confrontation with the invaders, Hezbollah has used relatively different tactics and war tools and by double activating the information weapon. It has reached very advanced levels in the field of collecting and scanning information, which allows it to perform its operations at a quantitative and qualitative level much more accurately than before; Both the operations that are announced and the operations that are not announced.

In this context, 2 days ago, the fighters of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon in a different operation, after continuously monitoring the movement of the Zionist regime’s spy balloons, which the occupiers used to spy on sent to Lebanon, they identified the base where the balloon was located, which was actually its control center, and targeted it with a missile weapon, as a result of which the balloon fell and the Zionists who guided the balloon were killed or injured.

Hebrew Ma’ariv newspaper, in response to Hezbollah’s advanced operations in shooting down Israeli spy balloons, announced that shooting down the balloons of the Israeli army is part of Hezbollah’s continued efforts to destroy Israel’s spying equipment, as well as continuing the process of intensifying operations. Hezbollah is following in recent days.

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