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The brutal attack of the Zionists on the gathering of civilians in Gaza City

A prominent human rights organization, pointing out that the Zionists are deliberately destroying all communication infrastructure in Gaza, reported the deliberate and brutal attack of the Israeli army on dozens of civilians who had gathered in one place to receive an Internet signal.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch issued a statement about The brutal crimes committed by the Zionist regime against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip announced: The Israeli army targeted a gathering of Palestinian civilians on Wednesday afternoon at an Internet distribution point on Al-Jala Street in the middle of Gaza City, resulting in the martyrdom of at least four people, including a A girl whose body parts were dismembered and 15 other people were injured.

This human rights organization announced: This crime by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians was carried out while they were trying to receive an internet signal in were gathered at one point and this is added to the series of deliberate crimes of the Israeli army against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

This report states that the Israeli army suddenly destroyed a tent used as an Internet signal distribution point. was targeted and this attack was carried out while dozens of people had gathered at this point to access the Internet to communicate with their families and relatives. Repeatedly continues to deliberately target and kill civilians and civilian teams, including journalists, and wants to prevent these people from communicating with the world outside Gaza by targeting them directly or indirectly, and the Israeli military shoots civilians directly or through drones. are targeted in different areas of Gaza without being a source of threat or danger.

This report further emphasizes: as a result of the systematic and widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including cell phone network transmission stations. And the communication sector, the people of Gaza have to go to high places in one place to connect to the Internet, and yet the Israeli forces deliberately and directly target these civilians.

European-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch reported: The Israeli army’s targeting of these civilians comes at a time when residents of the Gaza Strip suffer from a near-constant communication blackout. Cutting off the means of communication and preventing the people of Gaza from accessing the Internet and means of communication and their inability to communicate with their families worsens the state of fear and terror that these people are living in.

This is while The war in the Gaza Strip continues for two hundred and twenty-third consecutive days, and in the midst of heavy bombardment that leaves hundreds of martyrs and wounded every day, the occupying regime insists on continuing the ground offensive in the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is getting worse day by day as a result of the continuous bombardment of the occupiers and the destruction of all manifestations of life, including buildings, schools and health centers. The Gaza Ministry of Health announced in its latest statistics that these attacks have left 35,233 martyrs and 79,141 injured so far.

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