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Statement of Amnesty International on the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine

On the 76th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine (Nakbat Day), Amnesty International pointed out the black history of the Zionist regime's crimes against the Palestinian people and their displacement and emphasized that Israel has launched another Nakbat in Gaza today and is seeking to forcibly displace its people.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Amnesty International in a report on the occasion of the 76th anniversary The ominous day of the Nakbat (occupation of Palestine) referred to the second Nakbat that Palestinians are experiencing today in the Gaza Strip in the midst of the occupation regime’s aggression and are forced to be displaced. Amnesty International announced in its report: The Palestinian Nakbat in On its 76th anniversary, 1948 is repeating itself today, with residents of the Gaza Strip forced to flee repeatedly to find a place of safety, and these scenes are horrifying to see.

According to Amnesty International’s statement, the ongoing forced displacement of close to two million Palestinians and the comprehensive destruction of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip reminds us of Israel’s black records in displacing Palestinians and depriving these people of their natural rights and the right to return to their land for more than 76 years.

The organization added: The 76th anniversary of Nakbat Day commemorates the displacement of more than 800,000 Palestinians in 1948, as well as the forced displacement of more than 150,000 Palestinians from Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip in recent days due to the intensification of ground and air operations of the Israeli army in this area. and endangering the lives of thousands of civilians and preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid.

In this statement, it is emphasized: Most of the Palestinian civilians who have been forced to flee from Rafah many times due to the brutal attacks of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip in They had been displaced for the past 7 months.

In this context, Erica Javara Rousas, director of research and policies and campaigns at Amnesty International, announced that on the 76th anniversary of the Nakbat, the fate of the Palestinians is more than ever. the other is in danger; Because they are deprived of their natural rights in their land and are subjected to brutal occupation and violation of human rights. Also, the people of the Gaza Strip are facing genocide today and are suffering from a real famine.

He added: That is why it is very important today to raise a loud cry for the return of the Palestinians to their land and remind the world that Israel has been depriving the Palestinian people of their legitimate right for more than 76 years in clear violation of international law.

This Amnesty International official stated: Depriving the Palestinians of their right to return for the past few decades is one It has been one of the main reasons for the conflict between Palestinians and Israel. In addition, the escalation of violence against the Palestinian people in the last seven months proves that the right of Palestinians to return to their land has been ignored.

He pointed out that the just solution to this conflict is to Palestinians should be respected, including their right to return to their land. The issued Security Council does not even recognize the Palestinians’ right of return.

He stated: For this reason, the international community must make every effort to prevent the forced displacement of more Palestinians and restore their right of return. and the Gaza Strip should also achieve an immediate and lasting ceasefire. According to Tasnim, Nakbat Day or Nakba Day is the day that the Zionists killed and committed genocide in Palestine in the last 76 years. They occupied the land. During the conflicts of 1948, which led to the establishment of the Israeli regime and the occupation of a large part of Palestine, more than 530 cities and villages in Palestine were razed to the ground, 15 thousand Palestinians were martyred, dozens of Palestinians were executed en masse, and in total 800,000 or about 70% of the Palestinians were displaced under the brutal behavior of the Zionists.

Even now, even though the criminal Zionist regime is trying to implement another scenario of the Day of Nakbat in the Gaza Strip, the existence of the spirit of resistance in the Palestinian people On the one hand, the revelation of the vulnerability of the Zionist regime after the Al-Aqsa storm and the world’s awareness of the nature of the Zionists, on the other hand, not only pushed back this crude illusion, which, according to Zionist observers, has marked the signs of the regime’s decline by creating increasing problems for Israel.

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