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Zionist security officials: Israel is not ready for war with Hezbollah

Referring to the chaotic situation of the northern front of the occupied Palestine and the success of Hezbollah's operations, the security officials of the Zionist regime announced that Israel has no plan to deal with the dangers in the northern front and is not ready for the scenario of the expansion of the war in this region.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the security officials of the Zionist regime acknowledged the success of Hezbollah operations. against the northern front of occupied Palestine, they announced that Israel cannot give a convincing answer to the settlers in the north from the border points to Haifa, especially in the shadow of Hezbollah’s missile attacks that constantly target the north.

Regime security sources The Zionists revealed this Thursday that the interior ministry of this regime has no scenario to protect the settlers in the event of a large-scale conflict in the northern front and has not drawn any plan for it. Sources reported: If the Israeli Ministry of Interior does not make all the necessary arrangements, it will be very difficult to find shelter for the settlers fleeing the areas hit by rockets.

Hebrew media reported that since the clashes between Hezbollah And the Israeli army has fired approximately 17,000 rockets towards Israel (Occupied Palestine) in the last eight months, of which 3,000 rockets were from Lebanon. It is drawn, if the conflict on the northern front begins in a large way, Hezbollah may fire between 3000 and 5000 rockets towards Israel (Occupied Palestine) per day, and 90% of the rockets that Hezbollah will fire will be within 40 kilometers of the borders and the rest Rockets are fired towards the center of Israel (Occupied Palestine). This means that the Israeli settlements from the border line to the Haifa urban area will suffer the most damage.

In the shadow of this scenario that the security and military institutions of the Zionist regime have drawn, the internal emergency organization in the Ministry of War of Israel is two billion. (the currency of the Zionist regime) has been allocated for the purchase of a strategic warehouse that includes raw food, medical equipment, animal feed, wheat, sleeping bags, tents and water tanks for Israelis in the event of a large-scale conflict in the northern front, but despite this, the security organization And the Israeli military is still extremely afraid of possible damage to the energy, transportation and health infrastructures.

The relevant senior sources of the Zionist regime announced that most of the Israeli ministries, including the Ministry of Transportation, Education and Education, economy, communication, energy, etc. realized that they should be prepared for the possibility of a war in the northern front. but the Ministry of Interior of Israel does not take any serious measures to deal with this danger or to prepare in this regard. Understand the extent of the danger and the problem that exists and think about how to deal with this danger. The estimates of Zionist circles show that no matter how much Israel insists on continuing and intensifying its attacks on Gaza. Parallel to that, the situation on the northern front will also become more tense and Hezbollah will continue its operations at a rapid pace, and the possibility of unveiling new and surprising weapons of this party in the next operations is not far from expected.

Radio Military Correspondent In response to Hezbollah’s recent operations, the Israeli army said: “Hezbollah has increased its rate of fire in the past weeks and has carried out more deadly and high-quality attacks against the Israeli army and in wider areas.” So that a quarter of the deaths of the Israeli army in the northern front are related to the last month, while the number of casualties of the Hezbollah forces has decreased a lot in the last month. The Zionist regime on the northern front of the occupied Palestine reported: The battle that the Israeli army conducted on the northern border during 7 months was not successful at all, because Hezbollah has carried out its operations more precisely and on a larger scale in the last week.

On the other hand, Dafna Lail, a political affairs reporter on Channel 12 of the Zionist regime, asked Netanyahu’s cabinet to change its priorities and pay attention to the northern front; Because if the situation on this front is not taken care of, things will get worse and Israel will fall back, which is a disaster.

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