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An Israeli soldier was injured in an anti-Zionist operation in Nablus

Hebrew media reported that a Zionist soldier was wounded in an anti-Zionist operation in Nablus, located in the West Bank.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, in the context of the continuation of anti-Zionist operations in the West Bank this morning On Thursday, Zionist sources reported the wounding of a Zionist soldier in the town of “Hawara” in the south of the city of Nablus, located in the north of the West Bank. Hebrew media announced that an Israeli was wounded in a knife attack and the attacker was able to escape.

After that, the Israeli army reported that the person wounded in this attack with a cold weapon was an Israeli soldier.

After that, large auxiliary forces from the army The occupiers entered the operation site and started a search operation to find the perpetrator of this operation.

Local sources reported that the occupiers blocked the main street of Hawara town and forced the shops to close their doors.

Zionist announced this Thursday morning that 5 Zionist soldiers were run over by a car in front of a military base in Haifa and injured.

Some Zionist soldiers were run over by a car in Haifa

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