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From supporting the actions of both sides to warning about the unwinnability of nuclear war

According to Mehr news agency, citing Al-Mayadin, Russia and China issued a joint statement following the meeting between the presidents of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

Accordingly, Russia and China announced: Beijing recognizes Russia’s efforts to guarantee its sovereignty and It supports the region’s territorial integrity and opposes foreign interference in Russia’s internal affairs. We emphasize the necessity of stopping the actions that lead to prolonging the time of hostile actions and increasing the tension in the conflict in Ukraine.

This statement continues: Russia strongly supports the actions of the Chinese side to protect its sovereignty and integrity. A nuclear war cannot have a winning side. We re-emphasise our strong concern over US actions in violation of the strategic balance.

The two countries announced: Russia and China want to prevent the Ukraine crisis from entering an uncontrollable stage and emphasize the importance of dialogue. Russia and China will resist the measures taken to reduce their economic possibilities and (power) of their foreign policy.

This statement continues: Russia and China oppose the efforts of some countries to use space for military confrontation. We are concerned about the American missiles in different parts of the world that threaten Russia and China. America and NATO, which are responsible for occupying Afghanistan, should not try to establish a military infrastructure there again.

It was also announced in this joint statement: Russia and China intend to increase the scope of joint military exercises. The development of defense cooperation between Russia and China effectively strengthens the security of the region and the world.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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