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Hezbollah: The resistance in Gaza brought the Zionists back to zero

Referring to the entry of the Lebanese resistance into the stage of its advanced operations against the Zionist enemy, a Hezbollah official announced that the resistance in Gaza brought the Zionists back to zero and that the Palestinian people can only count on the resistance in confronting the invaders.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Sheikh “Nabil Qavuq” a senior member of the Hezbollah Central Council Speaking about the process of confronting the Zionist regime, Lebanon announced that the Arab regimes are out of the equations and calculations in confronting the Zionist enemy, and the Palestinian people do not count on these regimes. The Palestinian people rely only on resistance in confronting the occupying enemy. He stated that Gaza does not ask for help and support from the Arab regimes and the Arab Summit, but only asks the Arab compromise regimes to at least not help and support the occupying enemy.

This Hezbollah official went on to point to the recent advanced operations of the Lebanese resistance against the Zionist regime, including targeting the occupation’s spy facilities, and emphasized: the resistance’s success in shooting down the Zionist regime’s spy balloons is considered a qualitative achievement that the Israeli spy system He stated that the resistance in Gaza surprised and shocked the enemy by being stable and maintaining its capabilities and brought it back to zero. Today, Israel is stuck in the Gaza swamp and does not know how to get out.

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