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The continuation of sporadic border clashes between the Taliban and Pakistan

News sources say that the conflict between Taliban forces and Pakistani border guards in Paktia province continues sporadically for the fourth day.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency

, news sources announced that the conflict between the Taliban and Pakistan’s border guards in Paktia province continues sporadically for the fourth day.

Sources say that The clashes started due to the attempt of Pakistani forces to establish a security checkpoint at the zero point of the disputed border between the two countries, known as the “Durand Line” in Dand Petan, Paktia.

According to sources, the “Kharlachi” crossing, which is an unofficial crossing for the transfer of commercial goods between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has also been closed due to the conflict.

Taliban border forces and Pakistani border guards have clashed several times in the last four days.

Taliban-Pakistan clash again on Paktia border
Speculations on the cancellation of the visit of the Pakistani army delegation to Kandahar

On Monday, May 24, local sources announced the beginning of a conflict between the forces of the two sides in the border area of ​​”Spini Shagi Park” in Zazi Ariub city.

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