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The beginning of the meeting of Arab leaders in Manama / Bin Salman’s request about Gaza

At the beginning of the 33rd meeting of Arab heads of state in Manama, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia called for an end to the brutal war against the people of Gaza.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the 33rd meeting of Arab leaders started today in Manama. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said during his speech: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports efforts to resolve the humanitarian situation.

Zionist brutal attack on civilian gathering in Gaza City
Warning the international community about the extreme brutality of the Zionists in Gaza

He added that we ask the international community to support the efforts for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Saudi Crown Prince He further stated that the international community must stop the brutal aggression against the Palestinian brothers.

Bin Salman said that we support the formation of the Palestinian state and its recognition.

King Abdullah II Jordan also stated in this meeting: The war in Gaza must stop, the world must fulfill its moral responsibility to end the conflict that has been going on for seven decades. In a speech at this meeting, he said: Israel continues to evade its responsibilities and the cease-fire in Gaza. He added that Israel has taken control of the Palestinian part of the Rafah crossing with the aim of strengthening the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian president said that we are against the removal of the Palestinian issue and the forced migration of Palestinians.

He pointed out that the destructive war against the Palestinian people must be ended and that they can form their own government within the 1967 borders.

Al-Sisi said that we do not see any international political will to end the war in Gaza.


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