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South Africa asked the Hague Court to stop the attack on Rafah

South Africa, which has opened a case against the Zionist regime in the Hague, asked this court to issue an order to stop the aggression of this regime in Rafah.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, South Africa Today, Thursday, he asked this international court to issue an order to immediately stop the Israeli invasion of the Rafah area in Gaza.

Two days of hearings in the “International Court of Justice” ICJ) will be held, South African lawyers will present their case on Thursday, and the Israeli regime must answer on Friday.

South Africa has emphasized that Israel’s military actions In Rafah, it is a “genocide” and threatens the “real survival of Palestinians”.

Egypt joined South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel

The Zionist regime, which has led to the martyrdom of more than 35 thousand people in the Gaza Strip, claims who has an “unwavering” commitment to complying with international laws and has called the South African case “baseless”. has faced resistance, he says that he cannot defeat this group without sending ground forces to Rafah. to issue legally binding orders.

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