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China invited the Taliban to attend the Trans-Himalayan Forum

The Chinese ambassador in Kabul invited the political deputy of the prime minister of the Taliban government to participate in the Trans-Himalayan Forum.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency

, “Zhao Xing”, the Chinese ambassador in Kabul, in a meeting with “Muhammad Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the Taliban prime minister, while emphasizing his country’s cooperation with Afghanistan, said that Beijing in the meetings The international community, especially the Security Council meeting, supports Kabul’s position and is committed to cooperation with the Islamic Emirate. He also invited Abdul Kabir to participate in the Trans-Himalayan Forum held in China. Abdul Kabir also expressed his appreciation for China’s cooperation: As a responsible government, the Islamic Emirate adheres to the commitments made and tries to play an active role in regional issues and the stability and development of the region.

Political Deputy of the Taliban Prime Minister considered China’s cooperation in international meetings on Afghanistan and Beijing’s support for Kabul’s position in the interest of the Afghan people and added that China’s cooperation can bring about positive changes and growth. economic in this country.

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It should be said that The countries of the Himalayan region discuss economic relations, regional communication and climate changes in this region in this international meeting.

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