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Resumption of widespread destruction of poppy fields in Badakhshan

The Ministry of Defense of the Taliban government, announcing the beginning of the large-scale destruction of poppy fields in Badakhshan, announced that 1,000 hectares of poppy cultivation land in this province have been cleared so far.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency

, after the protests in “Ergo” and “Draim” cities of Badakhshan province, the joint defense and security forces of the Taliban have resumed the destruction of poppy fields on a large scale.

The Ministry of Defense of the Taliban government announced in a statement that since the beginning of the cleaning operation, more than 5,000 acres of land under poppy cultivation have been destroyed in Argo and Drym cities of Badakhshan province.

One ​​story and a thousand stories; What is going on in Badakhshan, Afghanistan?

Farmers’ objection to the continued destruction of poppy fields in Badakhshan

On the other hand, the media reports that the Taliban have more than two thousand troops has obliged to clean the poppy fields.

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