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Paris accused Baku of involvement in the “New Caledonia” unrest

France accused the Republic of Azerbaijan of "inciting rebellion" in "New Caledonia", which is a region under French possession.
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according to the international group Tasnim news, France Today, Thursday, he accused the Republic of Azerbaijan of interfering in the politics of New Caledonia, which has seen unrest in recent days. New Caledonia is a region under French possession in the Pacific Ocean.

Baku denied this accusation by “Gerald Darminin”, the French Minister of the Interior, while the tensions between Paris and Baku It has gradually increased in the Caspian Sea area.

The Republic of Azerbaijan accused France of supplying arms to Armenia a few months ago.

One ​​dead in last night’s riots in French New Caledonia

Unrest in New Caledonia has been sparked by moves to approve a new voting law that supporters of independence from France say is discriminatory.

French authorities have Some time ago, they were worried about Baku’s interest in foreign lands of France, including New Caledonia. Are they interfering in New Caledonia? He claimed: This is not a fantasy. This is a fact.

He said: I regret that some pro-independence leaders of Caledonia made a deal with the Republic of Azerbaijan. This is undeniable.

But he added: “Even if there are attempts to intervene… France is sovereign in its territory.”

French media reported that the damage of the riots in New Caledonia in three days has reached about 200 million euros.

According to the report of BFMTV, Out of 100 shops and businesses were burned or looted in just one province.

France announced Wednesday night that it is sending troops to its overseas territory.

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