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The request of the Arab League for the deployment of peacekeeping forces in Palestine

In its final statement, the Arab League, while condemning the aggression of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and accusing Israel of obstructing the ceasefire, called for the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in Palestine.

reported by The final statement of the summit of the Arab League on the need to immediately stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the withdrawal of the Israeli occupying forces from all areas of the Gaza Strip, the lifting of the blockade imposed on it, the removal of all obstacles and the reopening The opening of all crossings for the entry of sufficient humanitarian aid to all parts of the Gaza Strip and the possibility of the activities of United Nations affiliated organizations, especially UNRWA, were emphasized.

This statement, while categorically rejecting any attempt to forcefully displace the Palestinian people from their land in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, calls for immediate measures to be taken for an immediate and lasting ceasefire to end giving to Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip and protecting civilians.

The Arab League, in its final statement, condemned Israel’s obstruction of ceasefire efforts in the Gaza Strip and the continued escalation of military tension by the regime by expanding its aggression to the city of Rafah, despite international warnings about its disastrous humanitarian consequences. Kurd and asked Israel to withdraw from Rafah.

The Arab countries also demanded the establishment of international peacekeeping forces in Palestine until the two-state solution is fully realized and asked the foreign ministers of their countries to immediately contact their counterparts in the Western countries and other countries of the world. They want to recognize the independent state of Palestine.

In the statement of the Arab League, they emphasized on providing the necessary land for the voluntary and safe return of Syrian refugees to their country and declared their opposition to supporting a group or a militant organization affiliated with foreigners in Syria. .

The heads of the Arab League also emphasized the necessity of freedom of navigation in the Red and Arabian seas and asked the army and the rapid support forces of Sudan to end the crisis and adhere to the results of the Jeddah meeting.


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