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Hizbullah’s use of the S5 missile against the Zionist regime for the first time

Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted an Israeli military base for the first time with S5 air-to-ground missiles fired from a drone.

reported Mehr news agency quoted by Al-Manar, the Islamic resistance of Lebanon’s Hezbollah targeted a military base of the Zionist regime for the first time with S5 missiles.

In Hezbollah’s statement regarding this attack, it is stated: In order to support the steadfast Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and to support its valiant and noble resistance, the Islamic Resistance at 13:38 noon today Thursday (local time) targeted the Zionist regime’s “Al Mutla” military base and the equipment inside it with two “S5” missiles fired from an offensive drone.

Hezbollah emphasized: When this drone arrived at the mission, it fired its missiles at an enemy military vehicle and the surrounding forces, killing or injuring them. . After firing the missiles, this drone accurately hit its intended target and exploded.

After this operation, the media of the Zionist regime admitted that Hezbollah has used drones equipped with air-to-ground missiles “S5” for the first time in the attack on al-Mutla base.


“S5” is a 55 mm unguided missile that fighters and helicopters use to attack their targets. This missile works with solid fuel and its warhead is highly explosive.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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